Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Bloom

After a mild winter, spring came early.  This is absolutely the ideal scenario. Spring came so early, so quickly, and so fully here, that it felt as if it had been lying just under the surface of the cold, desperate to break through.  Once it decided to burst from the ground, nothing could hold it back.

It is not even April, and all ready the daffodils are nearly passed, and there are already buds on the lilac bushes.

The world was gray and bare and now, it is covered in the lush green mist of new leaves.

Each twig is in full bloom.

All the color, the freshness, the newness of everything...it almost makes spring my favorite season.

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  1. Oh good heavens- that is one of my favorite trees. It's so beautiful. I so wish our environment here could keep them alive- I would have my property covered in them.

  2. Those pictures are GORGEOUS.

    I love Spring. It's my favorite time. Maybe that's part of why I love California so much. Our Winter is like Spring in most other parts of the country.