Saturday, February 23, 2013

3 Months Old

Duck is now 3 months old!

He giggles.
His hair is starting to grow in blonde.
He's growing in length much faster than in weight.
He's outgrowing clothes much faster than I would like.
He has slept through the night on occasions.
Starting to like his bink.
He loves peek-a-boo, watching his brothers, his play gym, and his flashcards.
He dislikes getting dressed, tummy time, and his vitamins.

(I really wanted to do a picture like I did at 2 months, but our desktop computer-where my photo editing software is- is having issues at the moment.)

This last month has passed much slower than the first two. Being away from Duck for 10-14 hours at a time has a lot to do with that.

I thought that, being an "experienced" mother, that much of the insecurities that plagued me during Bug's and Monkey's babyhoods would be gone. Wrong. They are still very much there. Thoughts such as...

Will he still remember that I'm his mother after spending much more time with the lady at daycare than he does with me?

What if I'm not able to keep up my milk supply and he doesn't get a year's worth of breast milk?

What if I miss all the important milestones?

I know, from the last two go-arounds, that ultimately, it doesn't matter. Bug and Monkey were only breastfed for 8 months and 6 months, respectively.  I might have not been there for the first rolling over, but it was still the first for me when I saw it. And Bug and Monkey, despite countless hours at daycare, still know that I'm their mother. And they are healthy, well-adjusted children who know they are loved. 

The same will be true to Duck.


  1. Duck just keeps getting cuter and cuter! And he looks like you!

  2. Yes. The same will be true of Duck. That precious, sweet Duck, who just gets cuter all the time!

  3. Came over through SITS, and want to say you have an adorable little boy! Those nagging thoughts are the worst. But remember, you’re doing what you need to do to give your kids everything they need. Congrats on hitting that three month milestone, things are about to get even more fun!

  4. A smiley guy like that, it's hard to imagine he doesn't like anything.


  5. Happy 3 months old. Stopping by from SITS. He is a cutie xoxo

  6. Came over through SITS...what an awesome post to keep and remember all of the three month things about this cutie. Mine is nearly nine months and ever-changing. Your older two are gorgeous too!

  7. Nagging thoughts may always plague dedicated mothers..but your boys are beautiful & healthy and you are answering correctly..he will know he is loved and adjust well--and be the cutest Duck ever!