Monday, July 1, 2013

(A Little More Than) 7 Months

7 months!

Duck is now...
Crawling. Every where. And no army crawl  or inch worm for this kid: complete on all fours crawling.
Still hasn't quite mastered sitting up.
"Drives" a toy car and chases around a ball.
Is very grabby (grabbed two handfuls of Dad's spaghetti at dinner this last week.)
Still very smiley, but starting to show the first signs of stranger anxiety.
Still a master spit-upper, so much the pediatrician thought it was time to start a prescription.
Especially since he's now 15th percentile for weight.
Loves meal times, chasing after his brothers, and being read to.
Dislikes bath time now, peas and beans, and getting dressed.

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