Friday, January 16, 2009

Colorado: Trip Recap #3

I have to admit that I expected Denver to very similar to Salt Lake.

Salt Lake is associated with skiing, and Denver is too. They are about the same latitude.

My first thought when flying into Denver was "Wow, those mountains are really far away." The next thought was that if I looked east, I could see Kansas.

It was surprisingly warm when I flew in: 50 degrees.

Beautiful January day in Denver
(Again, I had a hotel room
with a fantastic view.)

Denver skyline at sunset

Then the next morning, there were 6 inches of snow (which all melted by the next day.)
(The weather channel had predicted 1/2 inch.) Apparently, that's typical Denver weather.

Next morning: snow!

Denver is a beautiful city (or big town, as one of my interviewers called it). They claim to have 300 days of sunshine a year. There is a lot of green space; there are tons of activities. There is also skiing, despite the fact it is three times as far to the ski resorts as it is in Salt Lake.

There was a stock show in town while I was there. In the airport, I got asked three times if I was there for the stock show, and I kept thinking, "Do I look like a girl that's into cows?" But then I found out that the stock show is a huge event in Denver, with rodeos, and such. But still, do I look like a girl that's into cows?

Oh, Denver wins the award for my favorite airport. (Before this trip, the prize went to Charlotte, NC.) But this airport wins hands-down. Fantastic!

Denver International Airport
(Photo courtesy of the internet)

I was surprised by how much I liked Denver. It has all the things you want from a city, but has the same livable feel that Salt Lake has. But then I guess that is the story of my travels.

Everywhere surprises me.

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