Thursday, January 29, 2009

Once There was a Snowman

I don't like winter.

It's cold, the boys and I are stuck inside, and we can't do a lot of our favorite things.

Despite all this, even I can't help occasionally getting in the mood for some snow fun.

We've gotten quite a bit of snow lately, mostly the powdery kind.

But yesterday there was a new fall of soft, squishy snow. And the temperature was a little bit warmer.

All of this, of course, adds up to the perfect snowman making conditions.

So after school, I bundled Roman and Blaise up and we went outside to make "the biggest snowman ever."

All bundled up and happy
With a smile that breaks through all the cold

Yep, perfect snowman snow.

We rolled the balls around until they were too heavy for us to move. Which also lead to the problem that I couldn't lift the snowball that was supposed to be the middle. So, being the clever mom I am, we made a snow ramp. (And woke up with sore shoulders. It was that heavy.)

Blaise helping Mom push the snowball for the bottom
and just being cute

Roman, pushing his snowball all by himself
(To show how "strong I am!")

Viola, the "biggest snowman ever!"

Roman with our masterpiece

And yes, it probably is the biggest one we've made.

And the happiest.

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  1. What a great snowman! You definitely earned those sore shoulders. :)