Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been a little behind. Not just regarding posting here, but in things in general. And I suddenly realized that January is about to slip away.

And I realized that because I haven't posted any New Year's resolutions, people may think that I didn't make any. (It's still January, so the year is still new enough.)

I did make resolutions, but I'm hoping that actually writing them down will make them easier to keep.

So here it goes...

I will be softer. I will be gentler. I will yell less and listen more.

I will learn to bite my tongue. Just because something should be said doesn't mean that I have to be the one to say it.

I will complain less. I know that the year holds more difficulty ahead, but I did make the choices that lead to that. I will recognize my role in the difficulty and the role my complaining has on my family. I will do my best to minimize the latter and live up to the former.

I will be healthier. I will cook more meals at home, eat sugar less, take fewer second helpings. (Hopefully this year, more of the meals I make at home will actually appeal to the people living there.) I will try to have one fruit or vegetable at each meal. My boys like broccoli and spinach and nothing else. So I think those will work (That's a lot of spinach for one year though.)

I will stick to my exercise plan. I know that I feel better when I exercise, but I am always falling off the wagon. I'm great for the first two weeks, but, you know, something always comes up. Like my pillow. I will try to stick to it this year. I will try for 5 days a week, but at minimum do 3 days a week. (My goal with the last two resolutions is to lose 15 pounds by next Thanksgiving. I need to lose more, but by starting with 15 pounds this year, maybe it won't sound so overwhelming.)

I will take time to paint. I will paint at least one picture this year.

I will work on my sleep routine. I will try to go to be before midnight and wake up at a normal time, even on the weekends (but still reasonable. Don't expect me to be the one all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7 am Sunday morning.)

I will plant a garden.

I will finish at least one of the scrapbook projects I have started. Maybe the planets will align and all four will get done. But I'm only promising one.

I will continue to kiss my children before I go to sleep, even if they have been asleep for hours.

I will continue to make snuggling, hugs, kisses, and silly songs part of our daily routine.

I will try to make a new friend and invite them over to my house. (This one is probably the most difficult one for me.) But especially as I may be moving to finish my medical training, I don't want my family living like hermits any more.

While I know that there are thousands of other things I could choose to work on this year, I'm pretty sure that this will keep me plenty busy. I made sure my list wasn't too long, so there will be plenty of things to work on in the coming years.

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