Friday, January 2, 2009

Ring in the New

Welcome to 2009! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's.

One of the family traditions we've had since I've been married (and because we currently live close enough to my parents that it is feasible) is a late Christmas with my family on the years we spend Christmas with Keith's family.

The best part of buying gifts for other people is watching their face when they open the gift. Since we don't want to miss that part, we save our presents for each other. Then we get together on New Years Day and have what amounts to another Christmas.

Everyone (especially a certain six-year-old)
could use more Christmas

I'm just so excited!

This year, we also decided to spend New Year's Eve with my parents. The evening was spent playing games with the small children. Then, as attention spans and patience waned, the children were put to bed.

Keith, Roman, my mom, and me spent the time until midnight playing Texas Hold'um and enjoying chocolate and family-friendly drinks.

New Year's Night Poker

Don't let his age fool you.
This kid doesn't fold. Ever.

Check or bet?

A child-friendly way to celebrate

At midnight, we toasted each other. Then we stood on my mom's back porch, which overlooks the valley, and watched the valley sparkle with fireworks.

The next morning, it was time for presents!!

When are we going to open presents?

(Oh, and
the wrapping paper was a big hit.)

It is wonderful to watch my little siblings and parents enjoy their gifts. Any tradition that extends the magic of Christmas has my vote.

Laurelei, my darling niece,
looking pleased with her gift

Gwendolyn opening presents

My mom and sister, Auralee

Even my dad can't resist

So, here's a toast to the magic of Christmas, childhood, and being together. Here's to the new year and the adventure that awaits my family in it. Here's to new plans, ambitions, and hopes. Happy New Year.


  1. My favorite picture is the sparkling beverage one. We had such an amazing time with you down here!

    I was only bummed out that I didn't get around to playing some texas hold'em with you all!

    No worries though, because we had a little relatives meet up at aunt Aleta's and I happened to win- again. I can't count this on skill... it's just my lucky streak.

  2. Be careful, or no one will want to play with you. You can't win ALL the time. haha.

  3. Roman, you almsot make me cry when I look at you with yourt face there!