Sunday, March 8, 2009

Go Utes!

It is very possible that the Utah vs TCU men's basketball game that we went to on Saturday may be the last Utah sports event that we ever go to.

Which is very sad. But no matter where we end up at, we will always be Ute fans at heart.

My very favorite Utes fan

It was the first Utah game of any type that Blaise has been to. He spent less time being interested in the game and more time worrying about the location of the Utes mascot, Swoop. Or as Blaise called him, "the big man bird."

Roman, like always, was darling, and quickly caught onto the chants, songs, and cheers, throwing up his "U" with each free-throw.

Proud to be a Ute!

Teach them while they're young!

A whole family of Utes!

(And, of course, the Utes won. 68-49. Go Utes!)

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