Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a Match!

After all the anticipation, the hype, Match Day almost felt anti-climatic.

I was feeling remarkably calm. I even slept reasonably well. I was doing great. Clear up until I was right about to open my envelope. I was shaking. Apparently enough to get a couple of comment.

And it's over.

But actually, it's just the beginning.

Making my mark on the map

We're going to Iowa.

I know, that's actually a state. People kept saying "Ohio" or "That's in the Midwest, right?"

I'm leaving the mountains I have taken for granted for my entire life. I'm leaving my parents and siblings. I'm leaving the roads and cities and canyons that I know so well I can check out while I drive.

It's for the best. Iowa was everything we never knew we were looking for. Living in a state where winter can last up to 9 months, our thought was "warm. We need somewhere WARM." But throughout the interview process, other, real, things became so much more important. Schools, safety, housing market, future job market. Iowa has it all. Minus the ocean. And the warm.

But we're excited.

And scared.

We're going to pack up our little family and move half way across the United States. To a place only I've been (and I was only there for one day.) Hubster is leaving a great job. I'm leaving my family. We're leaving everything that is familiar and safe.

And for what? For great training. A better quality of life for our family. You know, the American dream.

So let the planning begin.


  1. Congratulations! It must be nice to finally have it all figured out.

    What's funny is that, as I was reading your post, a song from The Music Man kept running through my head. Have fun!

  2. Over mountains and valleys, rivers and patches of bare earth you are going to hear a tiny sound. You wont even recognize it at first. It is my heart beat! You will not be alone. When you put your hands over your face and feel overwhelmed, you will also feel not only the strong shoulder of your husband, you will feel my stroke on your cheek, at odd moments, a hand on the top of your head, or think someone is there, and turn suddenly but see no one. I will follow you with my heart every step of the way. You will never go to a place my heart cannot follow.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog.

  4. what a leap! good for you's going to be an amazing journey...and i'm not talking about the drive halfway across the states either!

  5. I know you will come to love Iowa! We just moved from there and I miss it so much! The people are genuine one of a kind! we spent many weeks in Blank Childrne's Hospital and the nurses truley care and still check up on our little guy! There are some AMAZING shopping places like Jordan Creek Mall which has the yummy Cheescake Factory to Valley Junction that has some AMAZINGLY cute little shops! I highly recomned the Waterfront Resturant with it's FRESH seafood Daily! You will enjoy Iowa and it is a wonderfully safe state to live in! People still watch out for other's and when they ask how you are doing they TRULEY care! Welcome to IOWA!!!!
    Jennifer Johnson
    always an Iowan but living in Indiana for now.