Sunday, March 1, 2009


Saturday was spent at museums. Yes, with an "s."

First thing in the morning, my mom, her four girls still at home, my sister and her two children, and my boys and myself started out for a full day of looking, whispering, and "not touching."

First stop: Springville Art Museum. I have always wanted to go to this one, but haven't ever made it down there, until now. Currently, they are exhibiting high school art. A lot of it is what you expect from high schoolers. Some amateur technique and themes of discontent and self-identity. But some of it was really quite spectacular. I'm impressed that there are so many young people out there thinking about art in such mature and new ways.

And I loved seeing my boys stand in front of paintings and stare up at them in amazement. Roman picked an abstract sculpture with made of wood, wire, and broken glass as his favorite. He said it made him "feel special."

The art museum also has a good permanent collection. Definitely recommend this one.

Next stop: the Bean Museum at BYU. And no, no beans. Just lots, and lots, and lots of stuffed animals. There are African animals, insects, a huge seashell collection, ducks, and lots of deer and antelope. I think it is a great way for the boys to get an idea of the vast diversity of animals. But at the same time, I feel sad seeing the heads of magnificent giraffes and rhinos mounted to the wall. It feels just a little too much like some one's trophy lodge, and just a little less like a museum.

Roman and Galilee at the Bean Museum
(They are in front of a bongo. Roman wants me to be sure
to say that it's a bongo. In case some one doesn't know.)

Last stop (see, I told you it was a full day of museums): the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, where we rendezvoused with my dad and Keith.

Left to right: Spring, Galilee, Laurelei, Roman, Blaise, Grace

This place is definitely my favorite museum in all of Utah. The exhibits are fantastic and great for both kids and adults. There is lots to learn and plenty of hands-on opportunities to make it more pleasant for the boys.

Roman, Blaise, and Keith
in a cave

Swim away!!!

Roman by a dinosaur
with a very happy look on his face

We spent hours there.

I love seeing my boys faces light up as they learn. Roman, especially (probably because he's older) spent the whole day with a grin on his face and a light in his eyes.

And I have to say that, as a biology major, museums like this are right up my ally. Every time I see the Carboniferous forest exhibit, I have a small wish that I had gone to grad school and continued my comparative morphology studies.

You know, because I haven't been in school long enough.

As evening approached, we all went our separate ways. We headed home, with sore feet and content children.

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