Sunday, November 29, 2009


This was our first holiday away from family.

I had been approaching it with a mixture of homesickness, apprehension, and dread. The dread mostly came from the thought of having to cook a turkey. By myself. For the first time.

But I was rescued from this when some friends from medical school that also live in Iowa invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. (Seriously, it is shocking how many people in Iowa are from Utah. Shocking.)

Having our little family of four expanded to a crowd of eight was wonderful. Dinner was delicious, company was wonderful, being rescued from facing an uncooked turkey on my own was heaven-sent.

Even so, I missed the loudness of Thanksgiving at home. Too many people in the kitchen at the same time. Turning around and finding new finger-shaped divets in the top of all the pies. Too crowded tables. Chasing children (and the occasional adult) away from the marshmallows on the top of the yams. The constant rumble of conversation.

Obviously, there is nothing like home.

But spending Thanksgiving with friends put the homesickness, apprehension, and dread at bay for some amazingly pleasant hours.

Not to mention, we have been enjoying what may truly be the best part of Thanksgiving.



  1. So glad you had people to share Thanksgiving with you!

  2. Home sweet home! You were missed indeed. Twenty pies Thanksgiving eve, down to three the weekend after! But of course there were two birthdays that helped reduce the volume.
    I wish I could meet your friends.It looks like it turned out wonderfully for everyone! Was this their first Thanksgiving away too? How did you manange the leftovers AND not cooking the turkey?! SCORE!! xox