Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back and Forth

Happiness is...

going back and forth, back and forth

for hours at a time.

Because, sometimes, all you need

is a swing.

*Note: this photos were taken before the hair catastrophe I wrecked upon my four year old.

Stop by Leigh vs Laundry for The Happiness Project and post a photo of something that makes you divinely happy.



  1. I loved swinging as a kid - certainly some happy memories for me. :-)

  2. He is adorable! I used to love to swing as well when I was child. I could swing for hours.

  3. What a great swing!! My little girl would be on it for hours at a time too :) Happy Tuesday...
    your new follower,
    Kelly from kellylundkids.blogspot.com

  4. My happiness was a swing this week too. Love it!

  5. That makes me sort of wish for a backyard and a swing hanging from a tree.

  6. Now I find myself wanting to see a photo of the hair catastrophe!



  7. I loved swinging as a kid. Graham loves it now. Now it gives me motion sickness. Ah to have a child's tolerance for motion.

  8. Nothing better than a swing! Great shots!

  9. Thank goodness for swings I always say...it eats up alot of "I'm boooored" time...and...it is darn good fun! At 41..I still enjoy swinging!

  10. I still love to swing. In fact, I cut out a photo of one and gave it to my sons to tell their dad as a birthday present. Life was a tad busy with people coming and going, literally, around birthday time. Perhaps I'll put the photo higher on the fridge come Christmas time.

  11. he looks SO content on that swing. :)