Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skill Set

Monkey's hair had been getting a little bit long. As in hanging in his eyes, getting knots in it in the morning, difficult to comb long.

I usually put off cutting my boys' hair until I have to. First, taking two boys to get their hair cut isn't exactly the most fun to be had on a random afternoon. Secondly, it's expensive. Even the cheapest hair cut I can find, we don't leave the place looking more like boys and less like sheepdogs for less than $20. And it's usually $30.

I know. Call me cheap. But mother always cut our hair. I never paid anyone to cut my hair until after I got married. My mom still cuts my dad's, my brothers', and my sisters' hair. So spending money on a hair cut seems a little excessive sometimes.

These days, we're all trying to see how far we can stretch our money.

So, this time, when Monkey's hair starting getting in his eyes, I decided I would follow after my mother, and cut it myself.

You guys, I have a lot of skills.

Turns out, cutting hair is not one of them.

It was so crooked, choppy, and uneven. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to make it any better. Every snip of the scissors seemed to make it worse. I tried our set of clippers, but that made things even worse. 45 minutes into the process, I was in tears. What had I done to my baby's beautiful hair?

I realize that this picture doesn't do the atrocity justice.
I didn't have to heart to document the back of his head.

Hubster would like you all to know that he was against the whole thing from the very start.

I guess my lack of skills shouldn't come as a surprise. When Hubster and I first got married, we were barely making ends meet, the proverbial "church mice." I tried at that time to cut Hubster's hair to make our budget go a little further.

I cut it once. He went that same day to get it fixed. He's never let me near him with a pair of scissors again. It's a running joke. I'll offer to cut his hair. He'll get this extremely uncomfortable look on his face, because he doesn't want me to, but he doesn't know how to say it without hurting my feelings. And then I laugh.

So when I starting cutting Monkey's hair, he would occasionally walk through the kitchen, shaking his head, but biting his tongue.

Even when he looked that my final attempt, he was kind enough not to say anything. But he did agree to take Monkey in the next morning to have a professional fix the damage I had wrought on our son's locks.

I didn't go with them. I just couldn't bare to have to face someone and admit what I had done. Although Hubster reported that the lady said "It happens all the time."

Monkey didn't seem to mind what his hair looked like at any phase is this process.

As for me, I think I'll keep my day job.


  1. Our daycare provider used to be a stylist so she cuts hair in her kitchen for $10 a cut. It's super easy and is now a great way for us to stay in touch with her.

    I can't cut hair. I will let myself maybe do a bang trim. Other than that, the only time I've cut anyone's hair is when they've signed legal documents that are notarized stating they truly have no vested interest in the appearance of their hair.

  2. I cut my boyfriend's hair, but he wears it considerably shorter than that, and we use clippers. But even that took practice. A couple times he just quit and shaved it all off.

  3. That reminded me of the time you cut your own hair in Middle School.... My mom always cut our hair too and I can not work up the guts to try it on my girl. When Clara was 1 I did even out the back of her hair but it was so hard and frustrating that I don't dare try again. I have done Cams hair with the clippers a couple of times. It is a good thing that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut on a man is 2 weeks...

  4. Where's the after-after picture?

    B shaves L's head. It's so much better than paying $20 a pop.

  5. We have a hair-cutting razor. IT comes with a video. $20 does seems a little pricey for a boy's hair cut. My husband cut mine. Luckily it's long so it hides the fact it goes up in an angle.