Friday, October 15, 2010

Change of Pace

For the last two weeks, I've been on a different rotation, one that doesn't require me to be in the operating room. While I don't enjoy the work, the change of pace has been wonderful.

It has allowed for more sleep. It has allowed for breakfast with my family.

It has allowed time for blogging (thus the increased posting the last two weeks.)

It has allowed time for movie night and novel reading.

It has allowed time for walks in the park and enjoying the fall leaves.

It has allowed time for pumpkin picking.

And it all ends after today.

While I'm glad to be done with this type of work, I am going to miss the slower pace and the things we were able to do with the time.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Man, I miss fall. So glad you got a break! And doubly glad you made so much of it!

  2. I love the pictures! Your kids are adorable!
    Thank you so much for visiting me today!! :)

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