Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heart of The Home

The weather has turned colder.

It snowed for the first time today.

And while that makes me cry a little (mostly on the inside) there is still happiness.

Happiness is the first fire of the year.

Happiness is literally having a hearth be the heart of the home.

This is the place that everyone gathers in the evening, snuggling around the fireplace with books. Warming our feet as we watch movies.

This makes me almost glad that it is winter. Not quite, but almost.

Go visit Leigh at Leigh vs Laundry for The Happiness Project and post a picture of something that makes you deliriously happy.



  1. We desperately want a fireplace. In our next house, for sure.

  2. I hear you! The fireplace makes it *almost* all worth it. Almost. ;-)

  3. It makes it worth it for the first month and then after the snow can go away again.


  4. We are loving our first week of the fireplace being in service, too. :) Hey, thanks for your comments on my SITS day post yesterday, may your dollar store shopping be fruitful!

  5. This post makes me *almost* wish we HAD winter here. Almost. But not quite.

  6. I agree. I LOVE snuggling up by the fire. My absolute favorite thing about winter. Enjoy :)

  7. All things warm and wonderful! Nice how a hearth has become aptly the symbol for the heart, an open smile, and a welcome to family, friends and strangers alike.