Sunday, November 7, 2010

House Watching: Part 2

There are many people who enjoy people watching. And while I may have participated in this activity while stuck in airports, it's not something that I actually enjoy.

For me, I far prefer house watching.

Think of HGTV and Architectural Digest as my E! and People magazine. The local Parade of Homes is my Oscars.

Everyday as I drive to and from work, I look at the houses I pass. I have my favorites, the ones with clean lines, intricate details, and a modern but classic sensibility. There are the ones that intrigue me, the obviously historical and the extravagantly custom.

I watch them closely, always commenting to myself about changes.

Oh, look, they're putting in new windows.
I really like the changes in the flower beds.
That new door is very nice.

That's an interesting paint color choice.

I see the houses for sale and hope that families that love them move there. I get excited when I see the sold sign, because it means new changes will be taking place, and I slowly get to see the house take on the subtleties of the new owners' personality. I see sad for the houses that sit month after month on the market and wonder why.

I have been known to take detours on the way home to drive through neighborhoods full of beautiful homes.

I take photos of homes with unique colors and interesting architecture.

But no matter how beautiful the house, I'm always happiest to pull up to my very own home.


  1. I love "house watching" too. I will always notice when a neighbor has changed something, and my boyfriend is clueless.

  2. thanks for swingin' by my blog. love yours;-) and anesthesia resident. that's fabulous!

  3. I love older looking houses with interesting architecture too. Love driving by houses like that. I really love your door. :)

  4. Ooh, I like your entry way. That's a pretty paint color.

    I love looking at houses too. :-)

  5. I love house watching. It's kind of crazy how often I discover "new" houses right in my own neighborhood.

    And I LOVE your red front door!

  6. Oh how I love this post and could not agree more. I love to home watch (I also do love people watching too...trying living in Vegas and not developing a flair for it.) I do the same things and always come home to tell Mr. about what a particular house is doing or what has been added. HGTV is also my favorite station. I am so glad I have found a "partner in crime." I adore your front door and entry way. Love it!!!

    Hope you are well...I just caught up on your posts and think I am back for good now.

    PS-Loved your Grey's Anatomy post...I was shocked to learn that your life isn't just like Meredith Grey's. :)

  7. I totally relate to this post! Whenever I'm a passenger in a car, I tend to look in the windows of any houses we're driving past—not to spy on people, but to catch glimpses of interiors. I just love seeing what other people do with their homes (inside AND out!)

  8. I do this all the time...minus the awesome pictures...I also house watch online aka dream shop