Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My mind only works in bullet points

-I'm sure at some point I will be able to form complete thoughts.

-Not today.

-I forgot that Thanksgiving is this week.

-It has finally turned cold. But not snowing. Not yet.

-The time change was weeks ago and I'm still adjusting. Don't like getting home when it's pitch black.

-Monkey doesn't like it either. He falls asleep very early and is very cranky all the time. Well, at least all the time I'm home.

-Another holiday without my "big" family feels almost emotionally crushing. I'm glad I have my boys.

-It feels like every day I must remind myself to get up and keep going. Just that part is a lot of work.

-I'm doing pediatric anesthesia. I thought I would like it. I don't.

-I'm excited to do some baking. Assuming that I don't forget about Thanksgiving -again.

-I get Thanksgiving off. I'm very excited about that.

-I start in the ICU next month. Not excited about that.

-Where is the time doing? I keep thinking how can it be November already, and then I realize that November is almost over.


  1. I'm still adjusting to the time change, too. This one has really messed with my brain.

    I'm sorry you don't love pediatric anesthesia! Hopefully the ICU will turn out better than you expect.

  2. The time thing is crazy. It's just flying by. I'm not a big fan of time speeding up as I get older.

  3. It may be in bullet points, but at least your mind is still working. My inner voice is just an annoying hum of white noise.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, even if it's small!

  4. I've had to rally several mornings lately too. Hope work stuff gets better soon.

  5. Bullet points, then details, then white noise, then comfortable, do-able rhythm, then repeat. Living is like the great composers works, a lot happens but the main theme keeps coming back in.