Thursday, December 16, 2010

A List of Annoyances

I know that things have been all merry and bright over here lately. But I'm going to digress today. Maybe it's my S.A.D flaring up. Maybe it's that I'm overly tired. Maybe it's because I've eaten too much white chocolate popcorn and am recovering from a sugar rush. But lately, a few things have been bothering me. Well, not so much bothering as they are annoying. Just little things, really, but things that I find myself thinking way too much about.

-The discontinuation of my favorite facial moisturizer. I've used Dove's facial moisturizer for years. It's cheap, it really works, and it has SPF 15 protection. Well, I guess I should say, "it had." Because Dove has stopped making it. I tried a couple of other lotions, but everything has made me very dry, my face start peeling, and I've broken out a lot lately. I need good moisturizer, I need SPF protection, and I have very sensitive skin apparently. Any suggestions?

-Styrofoam egg containers at Wal-Mart. Why does Wal-Mart use these instead of the traditional cardboard? We don't shop at Wal-Mart very frequently anymore, but there are times when it's just easier. And anytime we get eggs, they come in this new Styrofoam package. Which our recycling program does not accept. So I just have to throw it away. It drives me crazy.

-Captchas. Some people still have captchas on their blogs. I have such limited time to read and respond. The extra time is, well, annoying.

-Call. Maybe I'm growing soft. I haven't done a 30 hour shift since April, and doing them now just kills me. At midnight, I'm just fine. At 2 am, I'm starting to feel it. At 4 am, I'm really tired. And by 6 am, I'm slurring my speech and unable to walk a straight line. Let alone be coherent on rounds at 8 am. Yuck. And I have to do that 3 times next week. I'm definitely annoyed.

-Snow post-call. One of the only things worse than working 30 hours is having to dig your car out of the snow after 30 hours of work. Blah.

-Cord spaghetti at my computer. We have a ton of different USP connector cables. Ones for iPods, cameras, PDAs, game controllers, SD card readers, etc. I organize them, try taping them down, remove some. It doesn't matter. Two days later, I have an electronic cable rat's nest at my computer. I've given up.

There is nothing I can do about almost any of these things. I like to fix things, perfect things, work on things. Instead, I'm coping by being annoyed.


  1. I use olay regenerist and have for years. It has SPF 15 as well. I like their products and at our drug store it goes on sale for about $8 CDN. As far as cables, you can try using twist ties to keep them all neat.


  2. I also use Oil of Olay, just the regular formula. When I use up a bottle then I buy one bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer. What I'm saying is, I'm cheap and can't justify spending the money on Clinique so I compromise and alternate with the less expensive Olay.

  3. Ugh. Cord spaghetti. It is everywhere in our house . . .

    You'll have to let me know what you think of Wicked and Lightning Thief. I loved Wicked until the end . . .

    Punky (and MacGyver and I) loved Lightning Thief and are now on the 3rd or 4th book.

  4. I will never understand why people keep using captchas.

    As for moisturizers, I'm a Mary Kay girl. A little more expensive than some, but a little goes a long way and it's the only thing my skin doesn't react badly to.

  5. Out of sight out of mind. Maybe I should dump all the un-mate socks on the tangled cords. I could add my other household annoyances to the pile and they'd be all on one place. Then a beautiful gift wrapped box could hide the whole lot. I could save it for the "I'm bored" phrase. Obviously you've got well-wishers on your annoyances band wagon!