Monday, December 13, 2010

Smelling Christmas

There are a lot of things that smell like Christmas.

Sugar cookies. Pine trees. Peppermint candy canes. Eggnog.

One that I remember from childhood is the smell of cloved oranges.

I haven't made orange pomanders in years. Mostly because cloves are so expensive (seriously: nearly 5 dollars for 0.6 oz at most grocery stores. But I found mine at the Amish wholesale, 3 dollars for 4 oz. Awesome!)

Okay, technically, these are not pomanders, since that refers to the dried, preserved spiced fruit. But pomanders just sounds so fun, so traditional, so Christmas-y. (That's a word, right...Christmas-y. Because I use it a lot.)

Sitting in front of our fire place, we made our pomanders.

Drawing designs on the oranges, poking holes with toothpicks, and then filling the holes with whole cloves.

They are now displayed in the living room.

Just looking at these pictures surrounds me with the holiday scent of citrus and spice. Because oh, these smell wonderful. In fact, I think they smell Christmas-y.


  1. Those oranges are creeping me out!

    Pine is the smell I most associate with Christmas. We get an artificial tree, I have to buy candles (now Scentsy) with the pine smell to make it seem like Christmas in here.

  2. Those look neat. :) I personally don't feel it's Christmas unless the house smells of the bath & body works candle called spiced cider. something about that scent reminds me happy Christmas times over the years. Same thing with Thanksgiving only it is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin then.

  3. Christmas-y is a word. I love the smell of cloves in oranges.

  4. Beauty and fun wrapped on one! Great times and smells!