Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Happiness is...

Coming home from work in the gray early morning hours and driving through what was truly a winter wonderland.

Each branch and needle frosted in shimmery snow and ice.

I went home, loaded my boys in the car and then just drove.

Happiness is listening to them in the back seat, whispering how beautiful everything is.

I'm not really a winter person. But even I can admit, this was absolutely beautiful.

Go visit Leigh vs Laundry for The Happiness Project and post a photo of something that makes you happy!



  1. I agree. These pictures are beautiful.

  2. Such a stunning sight.

    I love that you got home from a day(s?) of work and instead of being relieved to get home, you took the boys out so that they could enjoy it, too. You are a great mom.

  3. Beautiful pics! I love to see the trees covered in snow and ice like that.

  4. Wow, those are breathtaking trees!

  5. Nice way to start you day (night?) . So glad you got to enjoy that wonder with your boys.