Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Outing

What started out as a method to manage our budget has now become a favorite weekly tradition.

Each Sunday afternoon, we drive to down today to the public library.

We get to stroll through downtown, past the playground and fountains.

We return the stacks of books we enjoyed during the week. Bug and Monkey have decided they must take turns, returning the books one at a time. My apologies for anyone behind us at the book return slot.

We wander to the children's section (which by the way, has a special slide entrance.)

The boys hunt for books for the next week. Anything from picture books to magic books to all about dinosaurs. Or Monkey's favorite: Where's Waldo and I Spy books.

Most times, we also sit for afternoon story time.

Then, there is more hunting for books. Making sure we have the rest of the Magic Tree House books or that we've placed a hold on the next Rick Riordan book. We check out classic Disney movies.

There are usually so many other children there, playing with trains, reading stories, or doing the bead mazes, that there is almost no need to shush the boys. Almost.

Then there is the check-out, which Bug now manages by himself.

We then haul our books out to the car. And since our library has a 75 book limit (per card), it is very literally a haul out to the car.

This new little tradition not only mean that we haven't spent a dime at a book store in nearly a year, but that we have new books every night for story time.

Because there just can't be enough time spent like this.


  1. What a great family tradition! I really ought to start doing this... I spend WAY too much money on books.

  2. We have a Magic Treehouse in my preschool classroom. We go on adventures and sing songs about Morgan LeFay....I love Magic Treehouse but I have yet to read many at home to my girls...I need to start bringing them home from school for story time.

  3. I love the library. Sadly, for us too, it does require a drive to get there.

    He might be a bit too young yet, but Bug may enjoy Alexander Lloyd's Black Cauldron, which got me hooked on fantasy.


  4. I need to get acquainted with the local library. I haven't had a library card in years.

    New goal for 2011, perhaps.