Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At least my kids think I'm cool

It's something that's been happening for a while now. I've been slowly becoming uncool.

When I first got married, a friend of mine said that we needed to go out, before I lost all sense of style. I scoffed, sure that would never happen. I had always been pretty trendy. I've been convincing myself that I haven't lost my sense of cool.

After all, I read books that are on the Best Seller's list, I keep an eye on what colors are in style, and I know what vlogs and Twitter are.

And I've always been a cool mom. I still wear make-up, I know the difference between Transformers and Bakugan. I don't own mommy jeans. I wasn't loosing my touch.

But lately, I've been getting a sense that maybe, just maybe I'm not as cool as I thought I was.

Let me share the evidence:

-I text in full sentences, spelling all my words out and using punctuation.

-I don't have a Twitter account (I only ever claimed to know about it.)

-We were going to go see a movie and had no idea what was even in theaters.

-I've never heard a single Justin Bieber song.

-When fellow bloggers post about music, I have not heard of most of the groups.

-I'm a two spacer.

-I feel more comfortable listening to 80s music than to top 40.

-I don't own a smart phone.

-I can't bring myself to wear a maxi dress.

-I'd rather stay home and watch Food Network than go out.

It's slowly happening. I'm becoming uncool. I'm not sure there is much I can do about it. I have no interest in The Bachelorette, wedge sandals, or teen pop stars. There may not be much I can go to regain my once trendy self, but I can do my best to convince my children that Back to the Future and vintage U2 are trendy. The good thing is that right now, they are young enough to believe me.

Up next, a mini van and a scrunchie.


  1. Yup yup yup yup yup.

    I don't know when the moment actually happened, but I have become uncool, too. I also text out full sentences. I won't wear heels if I can wear flats. I clip coupons. I have complained about "the music the kids these days are listening to". I could easily spend a whole Saturday watching HGTV.

    I don't know about about the scrunchie, though. I might opt for a Soccer Mom haircut, but I'm not quite there with the scrunchie yet. ;)

  2. Hey, don't be knocking on my minivan! I love that thing, nicest car I've owned yet. :)

    Thanks for the heads up on the single space thing, though--I can't believe this is the first I've heard of it. I can't believe how torn I feel about dropping a single space. Silly, really.

  3. This is a great post! :)

    I have to say that I'm in the same boat with most of your "evidence"! I'm not a two spacer but I could see me becoming one, I also can't bring myself to wear a maxi dress but probably for different reasons, :) and I would probably choose Sci-Fi over the Food Network but as for the rest, you nailed me too!

    I have solved the problem for myself though. Instead of trying to convince my kids I'm still cool I have switched to weird and crazy. They seem to really dig it (yes I said 'dig it' and I don't regret it!) and even their friends seem to enjoy the change of pace when I'm around! For example; a few weeks ago at my 10 year old's spring concert at school, my 12 year old was sitting next to me with about eight of her friends on the other side of her. At one point I started doing the Wave! It didn't take long and the whole row was joining in! My daughter was laughing at me but when it was all said and done she was snuggled up against me with her head on my shoulder!

    They have both learned to LOVE 80s music and love to jam it up to some Bon Jovi or Jefferson Starship. They can't stand Justin Bieber or most of the other popular bands so I guess we're doing a pretty good job! :)

    In my opinion, they just don't do cool like they used to! I'm stuck in the 80s but I have the advantage of being better prepared when those ways come back into style! :)

    It could be worse, we could still be trying to be 'groovy'! :)

  4. love love love this post. i am with you on just about all of your list (except for the smart phone and justin bieber, sadly). also, i see you're reading rule of four. do you like it?

  5. I can relate to almost all of those, but mostly being a "two spacer." I just can't let it go! One space is NOT right.

  6. I can relate to this except as you know I'm a movie, fashion, and music addict. Maybe that'll change when I have a kid. But I don't think schruncies will ever come back. But I do text in full sentences usually can't stand shortenings. Ugh. And I have unfortunately heard Bieber even Glee covered a few of his songs. WHich made me sad, but it is geared towards tweens and teens so I guess I'll have to put up with it.

  7. I'm a one-spacer and I'm addicted to Court TV but other than that, I could've written this list.

    And 80's music ROCKS!

  8. Well, I'm so uncool I didn't even know what you were referring to when you said you are a two spacer. And after clicking the link, I have to admit I had never heard about this one vs. two space controversy. Talk about uncool. Anyway, when your kids get a to be teens, your cool meter will go up. Simply because you will be exposed to all things Hip and Cool by them.

  9. Friends don't let friends wear scrunchies!

    I woke up yesterday with a Justin Bieber song stuck in my head. I don't listen to any stations that play his music and I don't have kids.

    THAT is uncool...

  10. There is a freight train running on the tracks between the child years 11-20. You can get on, get off the tracks or get run over. I think I stepped off the tracks, but O was a cool mom to a six year old, a ten year old and now finally I'm a cool mom to a 21 year old. Yes, you're a cool mom!!