Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bug, Version 5.11

Dear Bug,

Summer is coming, and that means the not only will you be leaving 3rd grade behind, you will turning 9.

9! Nine!

I'm not sure what to do with that at the moment, so I'm going to ignore that until I'm forced to deal with it in four weeks.

I know that everyone says that have a child who is young-going-on-adult. I know it will be cliche to say that you are 8 going on 16, but it sure feels like it. You are logical in your approach to things. And you love to argue. Even if I tell you to please stop arguing and contradicting me, you answer with "I'm not arguing and contradicting you!" Thank you for making my point.

Your logic doesn't necessarily imply tact and sensitivity. While Monkey was playing an imagination game about monkeys jumping out of the trees onto the moon, you informed him that the moon is much too far away for anything to jump onto it, and besides, there is no oxygen on the moon, so all the monkeys are dead.

Monkey was not happy.

You informed me, while we were playing as a family on see-saw at the park, that the reason my side was heavier was because I weighed more than Dad. The reason I weighed more than Dad was because I was too busy to exercise.

I was not happy.

I'm not saying you are not sensitive. Because you are. I watch you, from out of nowhere, hug your little brother. You insist on getting hugs and kisses from everyone who is home before leaving to school. You are not (yet) embarrassed about being hugged in public. You curl up at night with your stuffed tiger, my own little (less naughty) Calvin and Hobbs.

Although, have no doubt, even if (when) you get to the age that continues to be sassy, but doesn't want to be hugged in public at all, I'm still going to try.




  1. Haha! I was like that, too. Arguing for the sake of arguing. Only I wasn't arguing, I was simply making a point...

  2. he sounds so grown up now. I can't believe he's going to be nine.

  3. All the monkeys are dead! I think they develop tact in their 20s.


  4. My niece got mad at her dad (a Dr.) for trying to help her with her homework. She said, "OMG! I'm 15!" and he replied, "That's exactly my point." lol!

  5. AAAAAAwwwwwwe. So sweet. And yeah, exactly the same as Punky.

    "Stop arguing."

    "I'm not arguing . . ."