Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Instead of breakfast in bed, it was an allergy pill with a sip of water before rushing to the hospital at daybreak to assist with a lung transplant.

Instead of extravagant flowers, it was red carnations and handfuls of dandelions.

Instead of a elegant Mother's Day tea, it was sodas then story time at the library.

Instead of gifts of shiny new jewelry, it was twinkling candle holders made of baby food jars.

Instead of boxes of sweets, it was sticky little boys kisses.

Instead of a fancy night on the town, it was barbecue and games in the backyard.

Instead of being typical, it was perfect.


  1. It does sound perfect! It sounds a lot like what the kids and I did for my wife! :) I did buy her a rose bush (I let her pick the one she wanted) and she loved it! The kids gave her home-made cards, I grilled burgers for dinner, hung out on the deck watching the kids play, and we spent an hour or so laying on the trampoline watching the clouds! She told me it was a wonderful day and that was all I needed to hear! :)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. It sounds perfect. I am looking forward to Mother's Day like this.


  3. That sounds wonderful! Well, the lung transplant part sounds stressful and exhausting, but also stimulating and very worth it.

    The rest is just all together sweet.

  4. OH wonderful! Glad you could rise and offer the early morning stress to keep another mother alive. How did you plan that one? A way to serve and feel REALLY great about yourself and then kick back onto well deserved laurels the rest of the day?
    Having something to give is most important to a child. Glad you had sticky kisses and typical Mothers' Day dandelions. (the only free flowers no one EVER says a kid can't pick! and they have something beautiful and bright to give)
    Amazing mother you are! It feels good to be on the edge of your radiant circle... Hundreds of hugs and showers of dandelion kisses from here to there!

  5. That bouquet of dandelions just melts my heart. Glad you had such a fantastic Mother's Day.

  6. Sounds like a perfect day all around. I wouldn't change a thing and I'm sure you wouldn't either.