Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrating Fall

It is time to celebrate fall.

(I am convincing myself that I am celebrating fall, and not mourning summer. I have never struggled with this so much.)

And if one is to celebrate fall, one must pick apples.

There must be tractor rides and apple slushies.

There must be baskets and overgrown orchard rows.

There must be picking and sticky sweetness running down your hands.

There must be a chill in the air, but plenty of sunshine.

There must be 20 pounds of Honey Crisp apples.

There must be eating apples whenever one's five-year-old heart desires to.

The cool evenings must be spent turning those 20 pounds of apples into crisps, turnovers, and pies, and just eating them fresh, plain or with caramel.

Because if one is celebrating fall (and not mourning the end of summer), that is how it must be done.


  1. No matter the weather, summer isn't over until next week. :)

    Personally, I love fall. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons- I think because they are seasons of change and growth.

  2. The change to cooler weather always gives me a headache (darn allergies) so I don't look forward to Fall...except when it's 104 degrees like it was about a week ago. Those apples look sooooo good!

  3. awe, I love fall and I love taking the kids to the pick your own farm too. Especially when its time to get pumkins for halloween!:)

  4. So true. We did it last weekend. Looks like we had more sun then you. What is an apple slushie?

    I, too, am having a hard time this year.


  5. I'm going apple picking for the first time this Fall. I can't wait.

  6. I am definitely not ready for fall. It is my favorite time of year, but it just came too darn fast!

  7. Harvest is warm and wonderful. Mourning summer has to happen, but you know how to make each moment celebrated. Sweet, sweet boys!