Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where Fairies Live

I love raising boys. The dirt, the rough housing, the outdoorsiness. I love it all.

However, there are things I occasionally think would be so much fun about having a girl. Tea parties, princess dresses, doing hair.

When I first came across Fairy Houses, my first thought was, Oh, I kinda wish I had a little girl, so we could build these together. These charming, miniature dwellings made entirely from items found in nature appealed to both my inner little girl and my overly suppressed artistic side.

However, Bug and Monkey saw the pictures of fairy houses, and they couldn't wait to build one of our own. Who knew that boys would be as excited about fairy houses as girls would be?

We spent hours over the weekend, collecting material, picking out a spot, and then constructing the house. Both boys participated with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Bug was especially pleased.

When the wind blew our first attempt at a roof away, he built another (even better) one by himself.

Each day after school, the boys run to the backyard to check on their fairy house. They add to the path, find new decorations, and do minor repairs. They spend more time outside, away from the computer and television, completely unprompted.

Most of these outdoor sessions, despite the presence of a fairy house, end with Bug and Monkey chasing each other around the yard, sometimes with sticks, and trying to climb the fence into the neighbor's yard.

I love raising boys.

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  1. I think that's awesome. And it involves building stuff. Doesn't surprise me that the boys are into it!

  2. There must be macho little fairies in fairyland, right? They can't all be female! Your little fairy house reminds me of this maze I saw a few years ago the AK State Fair, where they had built an entire little fairy village in the grass and trees, etc. It inspired my daughter (who was probably about 7 at the time) to come home and start making her own little fairy town in the woods behind our house.

  3. A fairy house! I love it. Boys are great.


  4. Can't wait to start a fairy house on this end! Sooooooo fun!!!