Thursday, October 27, 2011

Candy Corn Crazy

I love candy corn. Yes, I know that it's too much sugar, loaded up with a hefty dose of artificial coloring and flavoring. But I love that candy. It's shape and color are so iconic of Halloween, not to mention that they taste good. Well, the first handful tastes good. And then I keep eating and end up feeling a little sick.

But I still love candy corn.

But do you know what is just as good as candy corn?

Candy corn ice cream. Oh, yes!

I used a recipe found here. Seriously, this stuff was so good, I think I need to make it again. (Although my taste buds and waistline slightly disagree about this.)

But candy corn can also be used for more than just guilty snacking.

It's decorating my front door.

I made a similar candy corn wreath last year. However, the instructions I was following last year had stated to cover the whole thing with Modge Podge. This didn't work at all. Trying to paint the candy corn made them all sticky and smeary. And two rainstorms into the season, my pretty wreath was a orange and yellow puddle on my front porch. So this year, I used spray varnish, which was less messy and has kept the candy off the porch and on the wreath were it belongs.

Every time I see this wreath, it makes me smile.

So there it is. At least three ways of ensuring that the myth of candy corn just being re-used each year is false!

What about you? Your thoughts on candy corn? Any more creative ways to use candy corn?


  1. Candy Corn ice cream?? Yes please!

    And that wreath is seriously cute. I love it.

  2. Hi Katherine! I love candy corn, too. Yeah...I'm definitely going to try that ice cream! Sometimes I pour some candy corn into a candy dish, add salted peanuts, and some M&M's if I have's yummy!! Have you ever tried that?

  3. I'm not sold on the ice cream, seems awfully sweet, but we did enjoy some pumpkin-spice-plus-candy-corn rice crispy treats a few weeks ago. I love the wreath, though. Super cute.

  4. I have to admit, I'm not a candy corn fan. Probably overdosed on it when I was a kid.