Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Pits

Those beautiful pumpkins we carved came from a local pumpkin patch. For us, going and picking the pumpkins is just as important as carving them.

I had been hearing a lot about this farm a little north of us, so we decided to made the trip. I was so glad we did.

This place was way more than just a pumpkin patch! (This also equates with way more expensive than just a pumpkin patch, since all the other places we have ever gone to, the only thing we had to pay for was the pumpkins.)

We ended up spending the entire afternoon.

There was a 10 acre corn maze.

There were piggy races (I cheered on Kevin Bacon.)

There were giant slides and tractor tire mazes.

There were corn cannons to fire and goats to feed.

There was a corn pit to roll in. We continued to find corn in the boys pockets and shoes the rest of the day.

And, of course, there were pumpkins.

We road the hay crib out to the pumpkin field. The boys strolled up and down between the pumpkins, trying to pick out the very best one. We then rode the hay crib back to the barn, with arms wrapped tightly around pumpkins.

This is how pumpkin picking should be. A pumpkin patch, between fields of corn, in the middle of Iowa. This not only makes for the best pumpkins, but the best memories.


  1. It's true. I can't imagine just picking up a pumpkin from the store. Picking is the best part.


  2. I love corn mazes. I never experienced one until I lived in Utah. We took our Job's Daughters to one last year and had a blast, though when we hung out in the corn pit, I got so much corn in my ears and clothes that I was finding it for days afterward.