Monday, October 10, 2011

Golden Weekend

Fall in the Midwest is one of the most glorious things there is. It is an actual season, not just three flips of the calendar. And, just like I try to do with everything, I've been trying to enjoy every moment of the beautiful, sun-laden, golden fall days.

This last weekend, we headed to Galena, Illinois, with is a beautiful, little touristy town by the Mississippi River. It was a gorgeous (but unexpectedly crowded) weekend. (As it turns out, other people are all about taking advantage of sun-filled autumn weekends, too.) The golden light, the fall colors, and the old brick buildings all mixed to make the entire day feel gold and red.

We spent the early afternoon wandering the streets of Galena.

We watched a blacksmith work. We explored little shops. We found a fabulous candy shop, a store that sold only popcorn, and many beautiful restaurants.

After we had exhausted the boys' ability to window shop, we drove up to a resort. By this time, any childhood ability to enjoy "scenic views" was nearly over, so an exciting ride down the alpine slide was called for (Despite the fact that Bug kept shouting at me, "We're going too fast. Slow down!!" If we went any slower, I thought we may have been at a dead stop.)

The slower ride back up the hill in the lift provided amazing views.

The light was perfect, everyone was happy, we were all together and filled with Candy Legos. The weekend could not have been any better.


  1. So pretty! I'm still mourning lack of fall here in the south. At least I can live vicariously through you.

  2. Hi Katherine! I'm with you! I LOVE autumn and I also live in the Midwest. I've also been to Galena once, in the summer. It really is a quaint (and yes, touristy!) town. There's a cool story that goes with it, about a movie, if you'd care to hear about it. Too much to leave in a comment, but you could e-mail me! Glad you had a beautiful weekend.

  3. Love your fall pictures! I've been to Missouri but during Summer. It's quite nice there.

  4. That looks like a town right out of a movie. What a beautiful place!

    And you cracked me up about slowing down on the Alpine Slide. I can imagine my nephew saying the same thing!