Sunday, October 23, 2011

Golden Autumn Light

There is a light in autumn that is golden and warm, a light that makes my soul sing. Light that makes the poet and painter and photographer inside of me leap to the surface.

These golden days are filled to overflowing with hectic schedules. It feels that our days fly by faster than the Vs of geese overhead.

But the moments that the golden autumn light filters in through the now bare branches, in through the windows, it also filters into my soul, encouraging me to be still, breathe, and enjoy.


  1. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I haven't thought much about it, but you're right. The light is different in autumn.

  2. Beautiful post. I love the golden light of autumn. And I need to spend more time outside before it's too cold. Thank you for the reminder.

    And thanks again for visiting on my SITS day.

  3. For years, I've noticed that the sun is in a different place in the sky in Fall (south) than in Summer (north). I think that's why we get such awesome sunsets in the Fall while they're kind of unremarkable in Summer. But I'll take heat over sunsets any day! ; )