Friday, January 13, 2012


Every since October, the boys have been begging for snow. How they think I am supposed to provide this, I've never been quite sure, but it has never stopped them from asking. "I want it to snow." "Can we please have snow for a snowball fight?" "I need it to snow so we can go sledding/skiing/make snow angels." These requests have been non-stop for months. I kept reassuring them that it would indeed snow, and that they should just enjoy the good weather while it was around.

Thanksgiving came, and there was no snow.

I continued to reassure them that there would be snow. By Christmas, surely there would be snow.

Christmas came, and there was no snow.

I seriously started to lose my credibility. And the boys continued to ask for snow.

New Years came, and there was no snow.

Not only was there no snow, but it was sunny, with temperatures in the 40s and occasionally even in the 50s. The weather was still conducive to walks around the block and bike riding in the school parking lot.

There was no snow. Until yesterday.

Now there are heaps and drifts and covered sidewalks and frost covered windows.

There is plenty of snow for everyone, including the boys. They were so excited that the nanny said the moment they got home from school, they put on all their snow gear and tromped out into the backyard to make the most of accumulation...only to come back in two minutes later. Because not only is it finally snowy, it's also finally cold. Very, very cold.

So we finally have our snow. It finally feels like Christmas. And the boys finally have stopped asking for snow.

Now, we just need the temperatures to rise a little so we can make the most of this. After all, the boys can hear snowmen and snow angels and sledding hills just begging them to come out.


  1. I miss snow. A lot.

    Love the window pictures.

  2. It's still unseasonable warm and snowless here in RI. I miss snow, too. :(

  3. Beautiful pictures!! It makes me want to break out a cup of hot chocolate. :)

  4. I love pics of the snow! I hope your boys have fun!

  5. It seems the snow came late for everyone this year. But better late than never, right?

    Oh wait. I don't like snow. For me, better never. :-)

    Have fun though! Your pictures always seem to make me miss it a little...

  6. We have a little bit of snow and we also have the freezing temps. But we did get a snowman made, snowballs thrown and snowangels created.

    Good luck to the boys getting everything done.


  7. It's been the best winter ever with hardly any snow and staying around the 40s! I love it. But when it gets cold, it gets cold and it is unbearable!

  8. Still waiting for our real snow. winter is definitely on an extended vacation. So glad you got your snow!!

  9. With global warming and all... the weather is becoming unpredictable. The usual warm sunny spring to usher into Chinese New Year is not damp and wet. But am glad to know the sight of snow delighted your boys. That's the satisfaction of parents - to see the glimmer in the children's eyes.

  10. Please do not mention the S-word around me. We have so much snow, it's not funny. Feet and feet and many more feet of it. Ugh.