Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day One

I successfully made it through my first day as an intern.

I got to introduce myself as "Doctor" for the first time today.

I wrote orders and they happened. I asked nurses for things, and they got them. I felt, not just like a doctor, but like a grown-up.

And I got paid today. My first real paycheck in, um, a very long time.

I actually had a good day.

Which is very strange for me to say. I almost feel embarrassed to say it. I've spent to much time (and strangely, effort) into being upset about the demands of a medical life, and nervous about residency, that having fun was the last thing I expected.

I actually kind of like being a doctor.

Well, at least today I did.

When I wasn't thinking about how much I missed Roman and Blaise, and wondering how Keith was doing in his new role of stay at home dad. And wishing that I was much more caffeinated.

It was a successful day one. Now I just need to figure if it is all uphill or downhill from this point.


  1. Depends on wether you are along for the ride or expecting to see the view from the top.
    I'm so glad everyone seems to have shone for the first day: you, Keith, the boys. I bet its not much different than Kindergarten. If your first day was good, you'll like school and the new playground and try to make friends ...and cry sometimes. If you had a bad day, the taste doesn't wear off even in junior high. I'm glad you had a good start. You'll do great!

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed your first day! Glad to hear that. Its like Bonnie said with her school comparision. You'll make new friends, and some days will be harder then others but I know you will make it through all of them.

  3. Katherine, thsi is what I have been hoping to hear from you for a very long time. The Dream isn't done- nor the hard stuff all over, but good stuff is happening for you.

    I am excited a ton to have you a #1 sister all over in soem many ways.