Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 hours, 10 minutes later...

I guess since it's been over a week since I saw it, I should finally share my thoughts on New Moon.

Overall opinion? I liked it.

Even with the over-enthusiastic giggles throughout the theater of girls under the age of 14. Despite the fact there were moments so cheesy and ridiculous that I couldn't stand to look at the screen. Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart had this strange chin movement and grunt noise that irritate me. Despite the fact the movie seemed to want to focus on the sex appeal of the male characters instead of the plot. (Although...can you blame them?)

Actually, maybe the giggling teens made it more enjoyable. Otherwise the periodic gasps at the sight of Jacob's abs, or the jaw drop over Carlisle (why is he so overlooked?) that came out of our group would have been much more noticeable. And who wants to feel self-conscious while trying to immerse oneself into a world of mythical creatures and romance?

As far as the technical aspects go, the larger budget is obvious. The special effects were actually believable, instead of slightly painful, as they were in the first movie. The acting was improved over the first film, as well (as it usually is as actors age and settling into their roles a little more).

The movie caught the feeling of the book remarkably well. A story that is focused on depression and isolation, these emotions come across on screen nearly as well as they did in the book. I felt the movie caught not only Bella's depression, but Edward's as well.

It could be that I'm just easy to please. I enjoy the books and had every intention of enjoying the movie. And it could have been that I was out with other girls and estrogen in that high of a dose may impair my judgement.

How does the movie come across to someone who hasn't read the Twilight books? I don't know. I'll have to wait and find out when I force Hubster to watch it with me when it comes out on video.


  1. I have read all the books and I notoriously did not enjoy them. I didn't really like the first movie either. So it surprised me that I actually LOVED New Moon. And it wasn't just because of underage abs...

    I'm glad you liked it. I'm totally with you about the benefits of a bigger budget.

  2. I'm with Karen on not liking the books. I made it through half of the first one before putting it away. People acted as though I "just don't get it" because I'm not a teen. Maybe...but I spend most of my reading time on young adult novels and I love reading and writing them. Anyway, my mom dragged me to New Moon and I found it a little funny the way they kept highlighting the main actors for young girls' sakes. I saw them as children...I guess I'm getting old! Both were young enough to be my sons, I think? As for Kristen...maybe I should keep my mouth shut but I still can't figure out who chose her as the main actress. She doesn't seem properly cast to me.