Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer

After an October that was the second wettest and third coldest on record, we are now enjoying delightfully warm days. Today was actually warmer than several days we had in July.

With the cloudless blue skies and warm breezes, there was absolutely no chance we were spending it indoors.

Although the first part of the day was spent raking leaves (which was been long overdue), the second part of the day was once again spent wandering along our favorite trails.

The warm weather lured us farther than we usually go. Even Blaise's normally strong little legs eventually tired out (although from the look on his face, it appears he may not have been quite as tired as he was putting on.) We can home with sore feet, tired legs, and well rested souls.

This beautiful weather is almost enough to make me forget that winter is nearly upon us. The weather forecast actually predicts that we may have just enjoyed our last nice weekend. But driving home with windows down and views like this, it is easy to imagine they will last forever.


  1. So gorgeous! It's been so warm here too...we went to the zoo yesterday! In NOVEMBER! My hubby wore shorts!!!!

  2. It is cooler today, but the last week has been the fabulous, balmy, golden Indian Summer anyone could have wished for. Heaps of yellow mound around giant street maples, orchards are a dusky orange and yellowed poplars and scarlet plum and flame bushes make autumn truly beautiful here too. Sharing helps bridge the giant river of missing all of you. I am so glad you had the day together in the wonderful outdoors. The boys and Kieth look so happy, the views are stunning. I hope you get a crowd of happy happy days to store for winter!