Sunday, November 15, 2009

A little bit early

Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year.

When I had a retail job during college, I would go back to work the day after Thanksgiving to be welcomed by Christmas music and decorations that had been hung the night before. It was after Thanksgiving that the Christmas season started.

This year, there was a Christmas display up when we were getting candy for trick-or-treating.

I used to fight it. I would tell myself (and more importantly, Hubster) that I wasn't going to do my Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.

There's only one problem.

I love Christmas. I love everything about it.

I would look longingly at the displays of wrapping paper, decorations, and cinnamon scented candles, but drag myself past them to continue with more practical shopping. I would hold off until after Thanksgiving, but it was always so hard.

Part of the reason for waiting is that I always thought Thanksgiving must feel left out. Yeah, the only reason you're looking forward to me is that it means shopping deals the day after. And I do love Thanksgiving as well. The traditions, the family, the hustle and noise, and candied yams and the pies. I love Thanksgiving, and it always felt like I was slighting the holiday by preparing for Christmas too early.

This year, we've started to prepare for Christmas a little earlier. We've already finished over half of our shopping. Partially because I convinced Hubster that Christmas would be so much more enjoyable if we weren't stressing out about gifts and crowded malls right before hand.

We'll still wait until after Thanksgiving to put up lights and the tree and wrap presents.

But already there is a hum in our house, the hum that Christmas is coming. And the fact that the joy and wonder of Christmas is slowly filling our home already doesn't bother me a bit.


  1. I think it's eventually going to get to the point where they just leave the Christmas displays up year round. That could be good or bad.

    I'm with you. I love everything about Christmas. And I love Thanksgiving, too. I haven't really ever done the after-Thanksgiving specials. I always just try to enjoy the day for the reasons it was put on the calender: turkey and football!

  2. I usually begin putting Christmas gifts together in summer, when I see something that exactly suits someone I love. At least two boxes sit on a back shelf or pushed under a bed that contain treasures for the coming season. It lets me not have to rush out for the after Thanksgiving specials or lose sight of the people who made what we have possible. I can relax and enjoy the whole weekend!