Monday, January 18, 2010

Making the most of my time

An extra day off is always a treat.

While mine was partially overcast by yet more hours of studying, it also consisted of a great deal of fun.

While the damp mists hung over the trees, the boys and I made Rice Crispy treats.

We then gathered armloads of blankets, made a nest on the couch, and watched Black Beauty. The boys watched intently, while they were cuddled up on either side of me. Monkey finally fell asleep with his little head against my side.

After his nap, we moved the blanket nest to the back door, where he was on the look out for the few bunnies that braved the cold weather.

After dinner and baths, a fire was made and Candy Land and Uno were played.

Soon, the boys will be read to and kissed and tucked into their bunk beds.

The thought that boards are only days away loomed over me at times throughout the day. The time left to study is slipping by.

But looking at the 3-year-old softly snoring by my side, or at the enthusiastic 7-year-old giggling at the competition of Uno, or clapping his hands for joy about making a treat with his mom, I realize that these days are slipping away even faster.

In a few years, I probably won't even remember my exact score on Step 3. But I will always remember a cold winter day, watching a movie about a horse, with my two boys, one tucked under each arm, under a mound of blankets.


  1. I want some Rice Krispie treats! Looks like a great day : )

  2. Oooh! Logan and I haven't made Rice Krispie treats together yet but I think we might have to try that. :)

  3. I find myself constantly bussy, but you've inspired me to take the time out to spend more quality time with my own boys. I think "If she can do it then so can I". Thanks Katherine. You are an amazing mom!

  4. Hi, I just caught up on your past blog entries. Computer trouble. I'm glad you take the all important time to make and keep home and memories healthy.
    We've raised donations in the past for Haiti. I'm puzzled about all the logistics of distributing even what has arrived. It has to be truly overwhelming.
    Does any one there know if your eagles stay all year? Wouldn't that be a treat.
    You should listen to the Bill Cosby narrative about picky eaters! It helped me keep perspective when I had cheese or strawberry haters. Hugs!!!