Friday, January 15, 2010

Random thoughts about this week.

-I am still very sad about the events in Haiti. The pictures are heart breaking. There is a group of physicians from my hospital leaving for Haiti this weekend. I wish I could be part of it.

-I wish that I liked Radiology. But sitting alone in a dark room dictating just isn't my cup of tea.

-The Christmas decorations are still up.

-I wish my Wii Fit age was real. How nice would it be to be getting younger?

-Hubster just started volunteering for Habitat for Humanity here in Iowa. Maybe someday we will get to build houses together.

-My vacation started tonight! Too bad the first part of it is going to be overshadowed by more board study.

-Boards are on Wednesday. Every time I think I can't study any more, I realize I have to. But 4-5 hours of studying a day are wearing me out. I've really lost my touch since I started medical school.

-We neglected to do laundry until everyone ran out of socks. After Hubster washed the socks, I put them away. I mated over 50 pairs of socks yesterday morning. I hate mating socks.

-I'm going to make crepes tomorrow.

-We've used our fireplace every single night this week. It is delightful.

-It reached 36 degrees yesterday. It was down right balmy.

-So far, I've lost 2 pounds. But my weight seems to fluctuate quite a bit, so I'm not counting my chickens yet. But am still optimistic.

-Starting a blog for the second time is much easier than doing it the first time. I wrote for nearly six months before I got a single comment on my first blog. Now, I get comments with every post. I love you guys!

-I may not like Radiology, but when my attending told me I had perfectly read a chest x-ray, it still made me pretty happy.

-We use voice recognition software in Radiology. I must talk strange, because I don't understand why when I say "exam" it spells out "circle of Willis." Other "misunderstandings." "Pulmonary" becomes "Coleman." "Desaturation" becomes "hole in the stranding." And for the life of me, I can't get the program to type "at." I try and try. I get "and," "and the," "to," even "pound." But never "at."

-Hubster registered for a blog domain this week. I'm not sure he will ever use it. But he should, because he is hilarious. Even if he types slower than glaciers move.

-Monkey has slept dry three nights this week! Progress!

-Revolutionary Road is on demand. I will be watching it this weekend. Mostly likely with a box of tissues.

-I've been overly emotional this week. I think the stress and winter are getting to me.

How was your week?


  1. Socks are the worst... I'd rather buy new ones, but I don't. I think the habitat for humanity project is an awesome one, and think that is so great that he's going to be volunteering. And, my decorations are still up too.

  2. Haha. Your husband types slower than glaciers move....that's like my dad and his mad typing skills!

    I enjoyed your random thoughts!

  3. I had to laugh at your VR "misunderstandings." Going from "exam" to "circle of Willis" is quite a stretch. Haha. That's exactly why the medical transcription company I work for resisted doing any VR until they had a client approach them that would bring enough work to make it worth their while. They felt that it wasn't cost effective to have to hire editors to correct all the dictation when an MT could do it right the first time in less time. Haha!

  4. I hate mating socks also....and my Christmas decorations are still up too!!

  5. every time you mention stuff about being a doctor and Mom at the same time Still amazes me.

  6. My Blog of the Week post tomorrow is going to be all about Haiti. I'm waiting patiently for the dust to settle a bit so that I can find out if I can go down there for Habitat for Humanity. I was planning to go to Egypt in May, but I think Haiti is much more important.

    I giggled when you talked about the voice recognition software. We have something like that for our students and have the same problems.

    And, yeah...Revolutionary Road. Tissues will be necessary. That movie was a lot different than I was expecting. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.