Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday: Back at Work

Thank goodness for the blogosphere. Otherwise, I would never know what day it was. Even if I did NOT go back to work today after a week of vacation.

I am NOT upset at all about being back at work. I would be completely bored if I stayed home. Right?

And right now, there is NO WAY that I am blogging at work. I am much too professional for that and jump right on my work. I do NOT post-pone reading ICU chest x-rays. I would never. Nope, not me.

I am NOT totally regretting just asking if I could get extra days off for boards instead of using up my vacation studying for and taking them. I am a completely forward, upfront person and always just ask. And I do NOT have a mini panic attack everytime I think about my board scores and whether or not I passed.

I DID NOT gain 3 pounds over the last week. I would NEVER use stress of boards, and then vacation, as an excuse to eat junk food and ice cream. And there is absolutely NO way that, after six months of not eating beef, that I ate a hamburger last night. I would stick to my diet no matter how delicious a portabella and swiss burger sounded.

Bug and I did NOT spend nearly four hours playing Wii together yesterday. I am always good at finding very productive, non-computer/television-based activities for my children to do. And, even if that were true, there is NO way I would do a victory dance when I beat Hubster's Rhythm Kung-Fu score. I am always very classy and a very good sport.

I knew that I had to wake up early this morning, so I DID NOT stay up late watching Revolutionary Road. And since Hubster had no interest in seeing the movie, I would NEVER lure him into the family room with ice cream. I did NOT cry during the movie. I never do things like that.

I am NOT completely dreading February. I do NOT dread overnight call and internal medicine more than anything.

How about you? Anything you DID NOT do this last week? Stop by MckMama to see what everyone else hasn't been doing.


  1. I, too, haven't fallen off the healthy-eating wagon. I don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat terribly horrible things after promising myself I wouldn't do that this time around.

    Great Not Me! post!

  2. haha my toddler is obessed with playing bowling on wii - he could play it all day if I let him {and by the way he is super good bowls over 200 - crazy}!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. I never know what day it is either. The other day I saw a tweet that said TGIF and I was completely surprised that it was Friday!

  4. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a Happy Tuesday!!!! :)

  5. I didn't write enough...that's for sure. Oh, wait, I'm supposed to name something I'm in denial about!