Sunday, February 14, 2010

Close to You

Love it or hate it, it's Valentine's Day.

When I was in high school, I hated this day more than anything else. The pink and red, the cardboard cupids, the over-priced flowers...everything screamed tacky and cliched.

And then this guy showed up at my house with a dozen pink roses and a poem and his heart and all the hate I felt for the holiday evaporated.

Now, whenever I mention doing something for Valentine's and Hubster groans or rolls his eyes, I remind him that it's all his fault that I like this holiday.

Add in two small, loud, usually dirty boys. Valentine's stopped being a romantic day quite a few years ago. While we still have managed to go out as a couple a few time over the years, Valentine's Day is much like other holidays. A family affair.

Everyone gets one small gift, a token of how much they are loved.

(Although Hubster went way out of his comfort zone this year and presented me a large pink box from Victoria's Secret. And that is all you'll hear about that.)

This isn't a day spent surrounded by roses and chocolates in candle-lit restaurants.

Today is a day that I get to be home, surrounded by the people I love most.

And a day that I get to celebrate that love, the love I feel towards Hubster, Bug, and Monkey, is truly a wonderful thing.


  1. Low-key day here too, sometimes those are the best though!

  2. I think, at long last, I have finally moved from the Hate It category to Indifferent.

    I'm glad you enjoyed a nice day.

  3. Any time set aside to acknowledge the ones dear to us is precious!
    Love to all. Loving you is like turning the lights on. It is warm and wonderful.
    Happy February. Happy Valentine's Day! Happy home time!
    The new blog pictures are great.
    Hugs to all from here to there!!!!