Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olypmic Spirit

I love sports. NFL, NBA, golf, college basketball, and college football. Especially college football.

But by far my favorite thing is the Olympics.

When I was 10 years old and watching the Barcelona Olympics, I wanted nothing more than to be an Olympic athlete. I convinced my parents to enrolled me in gymnastic lessons. (Never mind that I was already taking ballet lessons and their schedules were busy.) I quickly realized that I have probably thought of this 5 years too late. And the fact that, even at age 10, I was already 6-8 inches taller than anyone else in my class didn't help either.

My own dream for Olympic gold was a short lived one. About one month, to be exact.

But that doesn't stop me from spending two week blocks every other year in front of the television, devouring everything I can.

Here are some observations regarding the Vancouver Games.

-Within 10 minutes of watching a sport, I am instantly an expert. Whether it is ski jumping, moguls, snowboarding half-pipe, ice skating, or curling, I find myself providing astute observations and constructive criticism to the television. "Oh, his knees came apart there in the middle run. He'll be docked for that." "What were they thinking? That will make it so Sweden can get two points during this end." "Oh, the landing on that jump was a little shaky. And his footwork isn't as technical as the Russian's." Because my insight is both correct and it matters. Which is why I usually say it so loudly.

-I want Shawn White's hair. He has amazing hair. I'm surprised Pantene or Suave haven't snatched that boy right up. I wonder if he ever gets hit on at bars accidentally by guys who are completely taken by that beautiful, curly, red hair.

Borrowed from ESPN

-The Olympic spirit has also infected Bug. He makes observations that are great for a 7 year old. "It's okay that he's behind that Korean guy. All he has to do is be in second to qualify." "Oh, with a run like that, it will be hard for the other people to pass him." "I'm pretty sure the US has gold. No one can pass us!"

-If I have to hear any more about how Vancouver is having 40-50 degree weather and all the cherry trees are blooming, I may start crying. Especially when I look outside and realize it's still snowing! And it's 20 degrees.

-Who came up with curling?


  1. My husband and I have been arguing over curling. He insists it should not be an Olympic event. I keep saying it must be for a reason and I bet it's way harder than it looks. I honestly am just having fun debating him though.

    I love those red curls too!

  2. Agreed, agreed, agreed~ The Olympics are one of the few times I get interested in sports. I take that back. I am always interested in athletics- I am rarely interested in sports!

  3. Shaun White does have great hair...for a girl. I seriously want to take a razor to that boy's head and donate his locks to some sweet kid with cancer.

    Curling is awesome. Played when I was in Canada. It IS harder than it looks. And I love that there's an Olympic event where chubby people can win a gold medal.

    And Bug's astute observations cracked me up. Get that kid skiing!

  4. Interesting hair!

    I've thought the same thing about curling. We keep tuning in and it seems curling is always on. Both my fiance and I find it a very boring sport. He calls it the "Swiffer games." I posted something about it on Facebook and people came forward in droves to comment, so apparently a lot of people find it silly. Looks like housework to me!

  5. Well, Katherine, it sounds like you're the one to ask this question: What is the difference between a toe loop and a flip and an axel and a sau-kau or whatever they call it? And who counts the rotations, anyway?? My commentary would be, "Well, he certainly left the ice in an upward direction all right. And looky there, he's all spinny and stuff! That's gotta impress the judges."

  6. Seeing committed people offer their vision and skill to the world whole-souled is always a joy to watch, even if, like myself, I have no time for sports on or off TV. The Olypics are an inspiration on so many levels!