Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Remember how I was trying to be hopeful that this internal medicine month wasn't going to be that bad?

I was wrong.

It's worse.

Either I'll surface into my real life come March or I'll have a complete breakdown sometime between the Super Bowl and Valentine's. If I can even remember when those are.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Well, I'll either be dead or Super Woman. Any takers?


  1. It'll all be worth it in the end. Just keep telling yourself that!

  2. You're going to make it! It's only a month. You can do anything for a month.

    Well, except live without water and food, I guess.

  3. Katherine, I'm sorry it's not looking good. What exactly is internal medicine and why is it so bad?

  4. sorry...:( :( :( :( I will just keep hoping that things improve for you.

  5. HI, maybe a post from home will help.
    Tomorrow, just as you are coming out of one room in a hurry and hearing the sarcasm behind you you will turn the corner and, head down, run into mom's hug. Even though hundreds of miles fill in the space between us, nothing will stop me from taking you in my arms, stroking your hair and letting you sigh before rushing through the next two hours. Two hours! Uhm its a little bit longer than two h... Yes. But in two hours you will come around a corner and glimpse a smile, or remember a green meadow and all those little blue butterflies and little sister crossing her eyes trying to see herself. You will hear wind in the pines or imagine hearing Hubster's first love poem, happy boys feet and their tangle of arms-- and you will make it through each day taking mini 10 second vacations, because there is more to life than looking down at hospital floors and bitter people. A lot more. And the universe is looking in on you and smiling. Salutations!