Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've been so busy making the thing that made me happy today, that I almost didn't have time to post it.

But 8 hours later...

...Happiness is...

the chance to eat alfresco. At our new, blue, picnic table.

Although not today. Because the stain is still wet.

The citronella candles are ready, the table is (almost) ready, and soon we will be enjoying dinner with views like this.

Stop by Leigh vs. Laundry for The Happiness Project and post a photo of what makes you happy.



  1. Better late than never. I love that table.

  2. We have a picnic table on our deck, too. It desperately needs to be painted. Good thing I love to paint and have the supplies for my summer project!!

  3. I love that table!

    We have a little bistro table on our porch. I love dining al fresco in the summer.

  4. Fun, FUN, FUN!!! Table and eating out doors in such a setting with your cooking, your fine taste in comfort and decor--charming as always!

  5. That looks great! I love the blue. Hope you get a chance to set it up beautifully and enjoy a meal around it this weekend.