Thursday, May 20, 2010

So, about yesterday...

I have a hard time explaining to people why I blog.

Things I've heard about blogging...So, isn't it just like Facebook? or What? You mean, you don't actually know any of these people? or Aren't you busy enough without blogging?

If you are not a blogger, it's hard to explain that it's not like Facebook. And although I haven't physically met any of you (except you, mom!), I feel like I do know you.

Sure, I might have more time to do other things, like clean toilets, there is no way I'm giving up blogging.

Today has shown me that.

Trying to go to sleep yesterday, all I could think about is how I shouldn't have published yesterday's post. First of all, it will make my mom worry more than she already does. Second, I shouldn't unleash my bad days on the blogosphere; it hasn't done anything to deserve that.

But maybe, more than anything, I was just plain embarrassed.

For the love of all that is holy, I'm a effing doctor. I should suck it up and deal and stop moaning about the whole thing.

I thought about erasing the post, but that would have involved getting out of bed. So I let it stand.

And this is why I love blogging.

I don't know you. But that hasn't stopped you from sending me words of encouragement and support, from sympathizing with me, and for being wonderful blog-friends.

Because that is what I call you to Hubster, "So, my blog-friend said...." He knows what I mean.

It's strange, but the people I've "met" from blogging have become better friends than many I have in real life. I guess that could be read as I have a pathetic social life (which may or may not be true.) But I think I speaks to the amazing people that are part of this community.

And I just wanted to say thanks.


  1. It is okay what you wrote yesterday. We all have days like that. I know I do. I get burned out with teaching all the time. But deep down I really do love it. Crazy. I wanted to write something yesterday but didn't know quite what to say. Keep on going and remember to take care of yourself first. You can't take care of anyone else if you are not okay.

  2. Hey, we've met for reals! :) I love reading your blog, because you're very real about things. Though you have your bad days (like yesterday), I think you seem to realize how wonderful your life is, and you're taking advantage of it. I'm happy for you, and again, glad that you blog. :)

    On a side note, I am also constantly telling my husband "my blog-friend so-and-so said..." or "remember my crazy blogger friend so-and-so? she said..." or whatever. I love this community.

  3. Precious eagle--you have roots and wings. You have flown until you are weary. You should blog, you're good at it, By blogging, you stay connected with not only others, but yourself. If you stop doing that, I WILL panic!!! A whole world holds you, and it is good to take notice.

  4. I think when we get frustrated, tired and feel unappreciated, sometimes venting (blogging) helps us to be able to leave it behind,get it off our minds and make it to the next day. We all have those days. Give those cute kids a hug, you'll instantly feel better.

    Oh, and I read your blog all the time, and I know ya.

    Annie Holley Weston

  5. What I love about your blogging is that I feel like we are reconnecting a little bit after all the years that we were both just so terrible at staying in contact. I love to hear about your life. I say vent away. Sometimes all it takes is a good rant. It is just like when we were younger sitting on the curb for hours just letting it all out. If you talk it out it usually makes you feel better and work through it. I don't know how many times I haven't blogged about something because I am too embarrassed... I absolutely admire that you are so candid in your posts. It is who you always were and who you always will be. Besides blogging is a great substitute for all those journal of past years.

  6. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I do the same thing " blog friend.My husband used to look at my like I was crazier than usual, but now he does get it.

    I love that your post from yesterday and am so glad you didn't erase it. I'm sorry that you are going through it, but it makes me feel like someone out there goes through the same things and feelings that I do. I might not be a doctor (a teacher in my previous life), but with life as a woman, mother, wife, etc. we have some similar experiences and thoughts.

    I get so much out of blogging and do think of my blog friends as true friends. I often catch myself thinking of you and others throughout the day. Thanks for being you, Katherine! You rock!

    I hope today is a better day!

  7. I like that you're honest in your writing. You have a real, authentic voice. And everyone is allowed to vent once in awhile!!