Thursday, October 4, 2012


Getting past 30 weeks in my pregnancy felt like such a milestone, even more than reaching the third trimester.  It felt like finally, finally, I was in the home stretch.

Because that was the one thing I had forgotten about pregnancy.  They say that eventually, you develop a sort of amnesia towards the more unpleasant parts of pregnancy. I hadn't felt that was true.  I remembered how horrific the morning sickness was, how terrible the heart burn was, how much my feet swelled, how my back and hips hurt, how it was impossible to get comfortable at night and get a good night's sleep. (Such a lovely picture of pregnancy, isn't it?).

But the one thing I had forgotten about pregnancy is just how long it is.  I mean, come on, it's almost a year!  It seems never ending.  I still have over 7 weeks to go, and I keep feeling like I'm done now.

Granted, I'm not actually ready.  The nursery is set up.  The baby clothes are all washed and put away.  The day care waiting lists are signed up for.  The stock piles of diapers, wet wipes, pacifiers, and bottles are at the ready.  We have a name picked out.  But we don't have a car seat.  We don't have a diaper bag.  I haven't finished the quilt.  And I still have 6 call shifts (4 in the surgical intensive care unit and 2 in the operating room) that I have to complete.  I still need to have one on one dates with my boys before my attention is divided.  I still need to get a pedicure, and get my hair cut, and get a massage, and have lunch with my girl friends before the demands at home grow even larger.

Speaking of larger, here is the 32 week belly shot. 

I feel enormous. A couple of my maternity shirts are actually having a hard time making the complete journey to meet my waist band - always a classy look.

Despite the fact that I am willing the days to pass as quickly as possible (partially just to be able to take a deep breath and to not get winded while putting on socks, but mostly out of excitement to meet my newest little man), there are things I want to remember:

-I still am having food aversions: I can't stand the thought of eating (or cooking) chicken, which has made meal planning much more difficult. I also can't eat strawberries, which is terrible, especially considering my town just got a Costco and the large trays of strawberries call to me.  But I throw them up nearly every time. That and toast.  I can't eat toast.

-I don't have any noticeable cravings.  I have been able to drink milk and orange juice, something I couldn't do with my previous pregnancies.  But unlike the time when I was pregnant with Bug and craved anything with cinnamon on it, or the crazy onion ring cravings I had with Monkey, I haven't noticed any new food loves.  Yet.

-The baby is most active between 9 and 10 pm.  Every night without fail, he starts a little gymnastic routine right around 9 o'clock, delighting Bug and Monkey with the associated stomach distortions.  I know he has active periods during the day as well, but my schedule is usually so busy, I'm not as  in tune with those.  I'm predicting that he continues with this schedule post birth.

-I'm having those typical vivid pregnancy dreams (when I'm not sliding down my mattress that has 3 pillows stuffed under it to combat my reflux symptoms).  A lot of my dreams involve preterm delivery, hemorrhaging to death, or having a huge audience at the birth, but I've also had dreams about the most beautiful little boy ever.

8 weeks left.  That is all.  That's what I keep telling myself.  That is all.


  1. Yup, pregnancy pretty much seems to last forever. Until you're at the end, in labor, and suddenly you realize that you must've been crazy and this was all a mistake, and you aren't ready for the baby to be out...

    And for what it's worth, you don't look enormous in your picture. Just a beautiful big belly. But I do understand exactly how you feel. :/

  2. You look beautiful :-) And I love that you're able to give such a ... well, honest and well-rounded (no pun intended) picture of pregnancy. I read a book when I was pregnant with my youngest entitled something about how it looks like there's a wedge of cheese in my stomach (I know that makes no sense, but the title was something like that lol). Anyway, it was a highly entertaining read, and your post made me think of it :-)

  3. Seriously, you look so great. We will make it! Last night, I had a sudden realization of how EVERYTHING is going to change. Hubs looked at me like I was absolutely crazy for not realizing that until a week before this baby is going to arrive. Haha, oops, oh well, I chalk it up to some of that "forgetting" that happens w/regards to pregnancy. :)

  4. Weeks left to cradle life under your heart, to experience the growing that makes a life-time bond. I relate to everything you say and hope the next weeks are lighter some how. Being so uncomfortable does somehow make us willing to just get it over with...on the other side of all this is grip of a tiny fist and the smile you dream of.