Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sometimes, when life is moving at neck break speed, there doesn't seem to be time to savor all the beauty that each day can offer.

I want to luxuriate in each moment, but between all the projects and deadlines and laundry, there is only time to grab a snapshot. 

Thank goodness for technology, which makes gathering those snapshots a little bit easier.  Then, when there is a quiet moment, I can take a deep breath and review the moments that passed in a blur.

The constantly changing view from here.  My belly is big enough to obscure my view of my feet, but I'm enjoying the cooler weather and the chance to wear my maternity sweaters.

Watching my alma mater play football.  Granted, they went on to lose this game (and this week's game as well), but for over a glorious quarter and a half, my beloved Utes were leading a top 25 team. 

A rainy afternoon downtown with my boys.  A trip to the library, passing all the painted benches that line the pedestrian shopping mall.

A sneak peak of the nursery.  The nursery is nearly complete.  I'm in love with this room and its future occupant.

Sun rise as seen from the hospital.  I'm seeing this view more than I would like lately.  Sipping my post-call latte, looking out at the sun rising over the steeples of downtown.  These few seconds of quiet and daybreak are nearly as energizing as caffeine.


  1. I love that sweater photo. I have worn long sleeve t-shirts twice this pregnancy, and regretted it both times. California. *sigh*

  2. Sweet moments captured! I too love the sweater photo. Learning to focus is part of savoring. You do it well.

  3. That nursery is going to be gorgeous!