Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blood Suckers

Months ago, maybe even last year, when I asked Monkey what he wanted to be for Halloween, he replied that he wanted to be a mosquito. 

Wait?  What?

What 6 year old kid wants to be a mosquito?  I had other suggestions.  How about a dragon?  A pirate?  Captain America?  A cowboy?  A firefighter?  Nope.  The kid really, really wanted to be a mosquito. 

And that's fine.  Only how does one go about making a mosquito costume?  The costume section at Target suddenly seems quite mundane.  This forced me to get creative and actually make a costume. I found some wire shaped fairy wings, that I bent into a more insect-like shape and then spray painted gray.  We bought gray sweats and a gray and black striped hat.  I got a black headband and fasted on black pipe cleaner antennae.  The nose was the hardest part: it ended up being a engineering feat that combined a blue baby suction bulb and a paper towel roll that was covered in duct tape (yes, a little red-neck, I know, but sometimes, you just have to go with what works.)  I painted the tip of the nose red for good measure.

Bug was a lot easier.  He decided to ditch the cuter costumes of previous years and go with something more Halloween classic: a vampire.  Fortunately, all the requisite parts of this costume were easily purchased at a store.

It was only when we were doing a trial run of the costumes that we realized there was a theme to the boys' costumes.  Both are blood suckers. 

Blood suckers hungry for candy.


  1. absolutely stunning outfits, no wonder those boys are posing for their pictures to be taken... of course, as you say, they are both blood suckers... but what an imagination that child has... mosquito ndeed.. well done you, he should have won an award!!! Hope you all had a great time.. living in a rectory, deep amongst the graveyard we dont get any trick or treat children stopping by!!

  2. Too stinkin' cute! I have to admit, I'm partial to Monkey's costume. Who wants to be a mosquito, indeed. lol!

  3. That is AWESOME. What a creative kid. And how fun that you found a way to make it work!

  4. Ha! Ha! A mosquito--your son is such a character! Awesome costumes, BTW!!

  5. Way too cute! Love the mosquito yell-death charge or whatever he was posing for. The pics are so cute and as always you did it again!

  6. My daughter has been saying for months that she wants to be a mosquito. Thank goodness I found your blog for ideas!!