Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back Home Again

After nearly six days on the road, and a horrible lay over in Chicago, I am finally home from the first league of the interview trail.

Overall, I think it was successful. I have also gotten over my travel and interview jitters, so I think things will be much smoother from here on out.

For those who don't know, this last week, I interviewed at University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill, NC, and Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.

And I forgot my camera, which was a shame, since both cities were absolutely gorgeous.

Chapel Hill has a very small town feel about it. It has a lot of red brick buildings with black shutters and white trim, with brick sidewalks and low stone walls. The city also has a policy that buildings can't be taller than the trees, which makes the entire place feel even more small town. There are a LOT of trees.

I spent quite a bit of time wandering up and down Franklin Street, which is right next to the UNC campus. Franklin Street has all these great shops and restaurants.

Old Well, symbol of UNC

The department put me up in the Carolina Inn, which is a historic inn in the heart of the UNC campus. The inn is absolutely gorgeous.

Carolina Inn

Charleston, SC is a beautiful city. Unfortunately, because of the location of my hotel, I was not able to do much exploring of the town. But I walked around the marinas. There is Spanish moss hanging from all the trees, and palm trees everywhere. Gorgeous.

Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Charleston

Historic Downtown Charleston

More views of Charleston

Spanish Moss

There is also a grocery store chain called Piggly Wiggly. Got to love a place where stores are called that.

On a side note, I love the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. It has rocking chairs instead of benches, for "people watching."

But I'm glad to be home. I can't believe how homesick I became.

I'll keep you posted as I continue out of the interview trail.

(Of note: As previously mentioned, I forgot my camera. So all photos are courtesy of the wonderful internet.)

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  1. To me, the Charelston area seems to be the most beautiful of areas I have seen for a stay...but looks kind of expensive place to stay too. To you, what was the draw-down of this place?