Sunday, November 16, 2008

On the Trail

I haven't done a good job of writing anything extremely interesting in the last several weeks (which stems from a lack of doing anything interesting in the last several weeks.

For the last four days, Roman has been home with the flu. Poor kid (and he was the only one in our family who did not get their flu shot.)

Starting tomorrow, I'm leaving to start out on the interview trail.

Technically, I've already done two interviews. But since both were at Utah, I didn't need to go anywhere, and thus did not include either in my interview tally.

But tomorrow, the great adventure starts. Actually, it could be a great adventure. I'm going to go to places that I've never been, meet new people, and be wooed for a job. Should be great. But the fact that I am going be to traveling alone, away from my darling family for up to a week at a time, figuring out cabs and hotels by myself, and the stress of interviewing itself just makes me want to get it over with.

I think both my interviews last week went well.

I'll keep you posted about the programs I interview with in the future.

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