Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Girl Moment

This weekend, I decided to cater to my inner adolescent and go and see Twilight.

Okay, I'll admit that I was excited for it. I loved the books, the reviews weren't too bad, and many bloggers (like here) said they liked it.

So, I took my mom and my sister, and prepared to enjoy a truly girl moment.

I liked the movie. Despite the reviews that said it was flat, and would only appeal to die hard Twilight fans. And even then, it might still disappoint. I still liked it. Even my mom liked it (and believe me, that's saying something.)

The characters were well casted, the story line true to the book, the soundtrack fantastic. The special effects were a little lacking, bordering on cheesy. But who cares, when you can look at Edward Cullen?

I was sure that since the movie came out last week, I would be able to get through the movie without the, um, "enthusiastic" viewers who went during the opening. But apparently, that was not to be. When Edward first made his appearance on screen, there was a wave of whistling and squeals. And every romantic scene was accompanied by more squeals and nervous giggles. (Seriously, is this the first silver screen kiss these girls have ever seen?!)

I thoroughly enjoyed my girl moment, and look forward to the DVD release.

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