Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Monday Therapy Session

I am NOT in mourning over the fact that my last two consecutive days off until June are now over. I completely DID NOT get used to having weekends off and two whole days of rest and relaxation and family time.

I have NOT been so pre-occupied by the fact that I am starting back in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU) that I can hardly enjoy myself. I am NOT so stressed about it that I have NOT dreamed about the SICU for the last three nights. I absolutely know that it won't be that bad. And even if it were, I wouldn't let it impact my free time. Not me!

I DID NOT hover over the boys as they decorated Easter eggs. I did NOT constantly remind them not to splash the coloring or drip the eggs across the table. I would just let my boys enjoy themselves while we color eggs. And even if I did get after them, I would NOT be the only person who actually spilled egg coloring on their shirt. I am still NOT finding glitter over every surface of the kitchen. Even with that, we absolutely DID NOT have fun!

I did NOT skip out on a time slot previously set aside for studying to enjoy the 70 degree weather. I am completely dedicated to my studies and wouldn't shirk them just for a little sun delivered vitamin D. And even if I did, I would do it myself. I would NEVER make the boys go for a walk with me, even after they DID NOT make it perfectly clear they did not want to go.

Hubster is NOT is a very funny mood today. He has NOT said nearly everything in a Christopher Walken's voice today. He did NOT spend the afternoon before I came home from work teaching the boys all manner of silly finger games. Hubster is a very mature, serious person and would never do anything like that.

I DID NOT laugh when I went to set the table for dinner and found this scene. I am absolutely NOT wondering what the parrots did to the dinosaurs. Only Monkey knows.

When I took the boys to get their mops, um, hair cut, I did NOT decide on a whim to get mine cut as well. I am now totally NOT regretting it.

Yes, I know I look upset and slightly dangerous here. Can you not see the haircut!?

My new fringe does NOT remind me of the '80s or of being 11 years old again. I would NEVER just change hairstyles on a whim. And even if I did, I would NOT still be upset about it every time I look in the mirror. Not me!

Whew! That felt good.

Go check out MckMama and find out what everyone has NOT been doing this week.


  1. Love the dinosaur scene! Does make one wonder what exactly was going on there.

  2. I think your bangs are cute!! I have been contemplating bangs myself lately.

  3. No consecutive days til June??

    Hopefully it will be over before you know it.

    And from that angle I think the bangs look cute. I'd have to see the whole do in order to commiserate.

  4. Enjoy being twenty years younger! Who knows when you'll get to be 11 again? Looks like not until JUNE. UUGH! I'll call more.
    Our thanks to Hubster for the laughs! The humor can fix things that weren't even broken and most things that are!
    Wow! world peace even in the land of the dinosaurs! Cool, Monkey. Let us know what he imagined. It's always refreshing.
    HUG. :) xox

  5. I like the new bangs. And worst comes to worst, they'll grow back pretty quickly, right? I've definitely had a run in with the too short bangs issue right before a big ball I had to go for a few years ago. I still hate the pictures from that ball.

    LOVE the dinosaurs!

  6. Oh, the dinosaurs kill me... so funny. And the hair is cute, new bangs always take a bit to get used to but they're super easy to grow to love.